The Winner will be announced on 1 May, 2020.


Want to take on Matt Heafy and his squad, 6 vs 6 at Overwatch, streamed on Matt’s Twitch? You and 4 mates could be joining PandaTV to go up against Matt Heafy and his squad – think you have what it takes?

To enter the competition, all you have to do is purchase Trivium’s new album ‘What The Dead Men Say’ via the Maniacs store. You can pre-order or purchase after album release on April 24.

Purchase any of these 'What The Dead Men Say' products to be eligible:

Hoodie and Artist Album Bundle
T-shirt and Artist Album Bundle
Hat + Album Bundle
Vinyl Album Bundle
Lenticular Poster and Album Bundle
Album in Coke Bottle Vinyl
Album in Black Vinyl
Album on CD

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